Ready for some fun?

UAE National Day celebrations are just around the corner. Nakheel is inviting all residents to the District One park on Friday 2nd December from 4pm. Come join in the fun!


Not sure how to find District One? Click here for the map:  jvt_d_signs


Update on JVT Gate Passes

9 November 2016 – Message from Nakheel

Dear valued resident,

We would like to apologise for the delay in the JVT access cards activation and issuance programme.  However, we are delighted to inform you that we are currently finalising this process, and will begin distributing the cards in the next few weeks.

To ensure the accuracy of the information collected previously, we kindly ask all residents to check that the documents originally submitted are still valid and to send us any updated information as soon as possible.  For example, if tenancy contracts, passport details or Emirates ID numbers have changed, please let us know by providing the updated information on the attached form.

Residents who have not yet applied for their access cards are asked to complete the form and email, along with the required documents.

The JVT gate barriers will be activated once all applications have been finalised.  To ensure that this happens as quickly as possible, we request that all new and updated applications are submitted by 30 November 2016.

For enquiries or more information, please contact our Customer Care Centre on +9714 390 3333 or email us at

Many thanks for your continued support and co-operation.


 Jumeirah Village Triangle Community

Nakheel Asset Management and Infrastructure

Download the formaccess-card-form

Leisure Club for JVT

Three years away – but something to anticipate !

At Jumeirah Village Triangle, Nakheel has just announced that residents can look forward to preferential membership rates at the planned leisure club at Nakheel’s new hotel at the Al Khail Avenue mall, due for completion in 2019.

The 18-storey, 256-room hotel, to be managed under the Double Tree by Hilton brand, includes a pool deck, gymnasium, lounge, all-day restaurant, coffee shop and lounge. It will be directly linked to Al Khail Avenue’s 350 shops, restaurants and entertainment outlets.

Nakheel has published the following rendering of the expected leisure club:


Sometime in 2018 – Relax in JVC

We’ll have to cross the road, but due to open first in 2018, Nakheel is creating a new community club at Jumeirah Village Circle by adding a pool, sports and restaurant complex to the roof of The Circle Mall. The JVC Club will feature a 300-seat restaurant, a swimming pool and sundeck, two tennis courts, a gymnasium and landscaped gardens, with views across the main community park.

The JVC Club will be located at the top of The Circle Mall, Nakheel’s 400,000 sq ft retail, dining and entertainment hub that is currently under construction.  Around 25,000 people already live in JVC, with a predicted population of 300,000 when the community is fully complete making this club a needed recreational venue.


The Circle Mall complex, due for completion next year, will have 235 shops, restaurants and entertainment outlets across three floors.  Among them are a multi-screen cinema, Spinneys supermarket and a Faby Land family entertainment centre. There will also be a host of fashion, home and electronics stores, and a wide range of cafes and restaurants.  The mall complex also includes a mosque that can accommodate up to 300 people.

Already now in 2016 – Join the Jumeirah Islands Club !

There is no need to wait to swim and dine as Nakheel already has a lovely clubhouse close by. If you aren’t aware, the Jumeirah Islands Club offers favorable rates to residents of Nakheel communities. With their beautiful swimming pool, gym, restaurant and bar, it’s already a favourite destination among many Villagers.

Pest Control in JVT from 9-13 October

Nakheel Notification:

In line with the Dubai Municipality’s standard pest control requirements, we will be conducting pest control treatment at Jumeirah Village Triangle from Sunday 9 October until Thursday 13 October 2016.

The work will take place at the landscaped areas, streets and main roads with treatments taking placebetween 9.00 am and 12.00 am on each day as scheduled below:

Area covered Day Time
Tulip Street and Orchid Street

Districts 2, 3 and 4

Districts 6 and 7

Districts 8 and 9

Districts 1, 2 and 3 (park areas)

Sunday 9 Oct 2016

Monday 10 Oct 2016

Tuesday 11 Oct 2016

Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

Thursday 13 Oct 2016

9.00 am until 12.00 pm

9.00 am until 12.00 pm

9.00 am until 12.00 pm

9.00 am until 12.00 pm

9.00 am until 12.00 pm

Kindly note that our pesticide treatment service provider and the material used for the procedure are approved by the Dubai Municipality, and the timings selected for the treatment follow DM standards.

As per Dubai Municipality advice, residents and their families are advised to stay inside with doors and windows closed during the procedure. Pets should also be kept inside if possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

For any enquiries or feedback, please contact us directly at

No more honey wagons in JVT

You may have noticed that the unsightly sewage trucks have stopped passing through JVT on their way to offload the waste from Jumeirah Park. poopoo-truckNakheel, the master developer has confirmed to the JVT Community blog that a new route has been negotiated with the authorities to get these trucks off our roads. We should no longer catch a glimpse of the orange vehicles cruising along Tulip or Orchid Streets.

While disposal of Jumeirah Park sewage continues at the far end of our community, just outside the JVT limits, Nakheel has also taken the initiative to ensure that half of these trucks are diverted to another dumping location. Therefore, fewer tankers will actually be accessing that temporary disposal site.

I was informed by a company spokesperson that Nakheel is currently in the process of appointing a contractor to build a pipeline that will carry sewage directly from Jumeirah Park to the sewage treatment plant, ending the need to use the disposal point at the edge of the JVT community in the future.  This should be completed in 2017 giving residents the long-term solution we would expect.

After a few residents brought this issue to the attention of the blog, we actively sollicited information on the solutions to this problem from Nakheel. We will do our best to bring residents more updates on community infrastructure.

Photo credit: Zarina Fernandes/Gulf News from original article in Gulf News on 30 July 2016

Hilton hotel in JVT

Recent news reports have indicated that Nakheel has signed a deal with Hilton Worldwide to operate the planned hotel connected to our upcoming shopping mall Al Khail Avenue.

The 18 story, 256 room hotel will be a DoubleTree by Hilton and will include a restaurant, coffee shop, lounge, outdoor terrace, pool deck, gym.and leisure club.

Fun in the sun at JVT awaits!

Update on the Al Khail Avenue mall

Nakheel has issued the following announcement today as a progress update on the new shopping destination in JVT. It looks like we can expect some convenient shopping and entertainment options right on our doorstep!

Dear valued resident,

We are delighted to announce the completion of enabling work for the new, AED2 billion Al Khail Avenue mall, with proposals for the construction of the mall itself currently being assessed.

As you may have seen, the completed earthworks have left a giant hole at the Al Khail Avenue site, on the edge of the Jumeirah Village Triangle community. This hole, shown above, is 600,000 cubic metres in volume and big enough to accommodate 240 Olympic-sized swimming pools or 12 Airbus A380 aircraft.

Al Khail Avenue will have 350 shops, a multi-screen cinema, a wide range of cafes and restaurants and a multi-storey car park with 4,400 spaces.  More than 60 per cent of the shop space has been booked, with tenants including Waitrose, Reel Cinemas, Home Centre, Emax, Centrepoint, Sports One, Gap, Mamas & Papas, Armani Exchange, Banana Republic and more.

Al Khail Avenue will provide convenient shopping and entertainment for people in Jumeirah Village, Jumeirah Park and other nearby communities, and be a new destination for residents and tourists across Dubai and other emirates.

Making JVT better !

I recently had the true pleasure to meet with Mohamed Al Qassem, Managing Director for Nakheel Communities. I must admit that I did not expect to be received directly by the Managing Director when I sent Nakheel a very long list of questions regarding the status of works in JVT. We had a lovely discussion and while I did not leave with specific timelines and commitments like any good North American would desire, I certainly felt that concerns of owners and residents can be heard and will be acted upon within the limits of what is realistic and possible.

I am delighted to share with other JVT residents the essence of our discussion. I hope this will provide everyone with a good outlook on future improvements to expect in our neighborhood.

JVT-arial view

Arial View of JVT (

Bubbling water – fountains, lake and roads?

My first concern, which I expect is shared by many, was to get a clear understanding of the plans to address the troubling groundwater issue. The recent rainstorm in March set off spectacular flooding across Dubai and JVT was clearly affected as well. Since then, Nakheel has siphoned off the standing water from roads and in the main parks. You may have noticed that work was already underway to alleviate the rising level of the lake and amassing groundwater prior to the devastating rains. At my meeting, I learned that Nakheel had already commissioned a study to assess the water table issue and they are hoping for final conclusions to be delivered sometime in June. One of the early findings of the report is the need to locate a permanent, underground pump in JVT to siphon off the sea water which finds its way to us by below ground cavities and natural channels. We can look forward to the many canals and fountains being activated once appropriate long-term solutions are agreed upon so that the proper foundations are in place to allow for sustainable operation of these waterways. We can also expect the lake to be rehabilitated as part of this process.  It was also noted that bridges are missing at the bottom of staircases that adjoin many canals. I was assured this will be addressed as well. Anyone who has lived in Dubai for some time will realize that excess rainwater and managing groundwater sources is a concern in areas across the city. We can look forward to completion of the study that we hope will find the best solutions for our neighborhood. I must remark here that the landscaping has vastly improved over the last year, and while we await some aspects that must be completed, clearly with these ongoing studies, there will be more positive change to come.

A key to JVT – new map !

Another considerable problem in JVT for the last four years has been the lack of way-finding and street signage.  Those living in the community will have seen that road signs are now nearly all in place.  This has brought about some changes to house numbering and the old plot number system is back in place to identify a townhouse or villa. In addition, the streets have now been allocated ‘names’ or more correctly to say, an alpha-numeric code. At first glance, it is somewhat confusing despite the color coding of each district. In the course of our discussion, the idea was raised for a proper map to be designed showing not only districts but street names as well.  Mohamed was keen to take this idea forward and will be commissioning this map to facilitate directions for residents and visitors alike.

Advertising to JVT residents – revenue for whom?

On another note, I also enquired about the advertising signage on the main roads. I was curious to know if the revenue generated from these advertising panels will offset the community management fees charged to owners by Nakheel. Unfortunately, this is not being considered despite the fact that RERA is encouraging developers to ‘think outside the box’ rather than raise service charges. A recent Gulf News article notes that ‘developers must allocate some of the built-up area for revenue generation. The proceeds from these can go into the service charge fund, according to the Rera head. “These assets can contribute 50-70 per cent of the service charges,” said Marwan Bin Galita, Rera CEO.’ Possibly, we can stimulate a discussion with Nakheel management to take under consultation a plan for revenue generated in the community to be directly applied to maintenance costs?

Access to JVT – gate passes

If you have been wondering, the gate passes are indeed coming soon. The deadline to submit paperwork was extended, but nevertheless, we can expect that passes will be on their way.  The gates make our communities secure and allow the guards to control who is coming and going. This can only be a positive evolution to give residents more peace of mind. I would encourage those who have not already done so to submit their paperwork, lest they be stopped and questioned at the entry each day. Give our guards a helping hand by getting your gate pass in order!

RRR in JVT? Recycling on the horizon

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – surely our planet needs us to do more in terms of reuse and wasting less. Therefore, I asked Mohamed about plans to bring recycling opportunities to JVT.  I, for one, travel weekly to Springs or Jumeirah Park to deposit the papers, plastic, glass and aluminum that my family diligently sets aside. It would make life somewhat simpler if we could access a central recycling bin closer to home.  I learned that Nakheel has already started discussions on this topic and explored alternatives for the collection of paper separated from our regular trash. Happily, they are looking at the cost/benefit analysis of doing this in different ways. No one would be happy with a large increase in the annual maintenance fee, but clearly one can look forward to Nakheel identifying a way for those living in JVT to do our part for the planet right within the community in a cost-effective manner.

Leisure Time in JVT

al khail avenue

Rendering of Al Khail Avenue shopping centre  (

The planned shopping center, Al Khail Avenue, is well underway. I was told that Nakheel will be releasing an official progress report to the press very soon. Of course, we can all see the deep hole and the foundations being built and I’ve learned that a construction tender will go out next month bringing the new mall and cinema that much closer to reality. For many, weekends are also about family time and personal renewal. Therefore, I also asked whether there are any plans afoot for a JVT mosque. Many worshippers may be pleased to know that this is on the cards, although there is no time table or formal plan at this stage. Of course, approvals and funding will be first steps. Interestingly, I learned that in the case of a mosque, these are largely built thanks to the contribution of alms by the faithful. Therefore, it will certainly require a broad involvement from many interested parties, but Nakheel would be supporting the effort to bring a mosque to JVT in the future.

Open Communication for a better community

We all have the same objectives for a safe and enjoyable community to live in with a full array of amenities and conveniences within our immediate reach.  Clearly, I found goodwill among the Nakheel management that I met to hear and address the concerns of owners. A lot of plans are underway and I encouraged the team at Nakheel to keep us informed of these activities. I certainly aim to establish a fruitful and open, regular channel of communication to keep my community readers informed about plans underfoot with our master developer. Stay tuned for future updates!

24 April 2016

More pest control fogging tomorrow evening

Kindly take note that Nakheel issued a statement today (see below) to inform residents of more pest control fogging that will take place tomorrow evening, Monday 4th April, between 6 – 8pm. See below notice. – Shared by your JVT Resident Blog Manager.

3 April 2016

Dear valued resident,

Kindly be informed that, following concerns from residents, we will carry out further pest control treatment in the external areas of Jumeirah Village Triangle on Monday 4, April 2016, beginning at 6.00pm and finishing at 8.00pm.  This additional treatment is required to tackle the flies/midges in and around areas where underground water is present.  Please also note that we are currently working to solve the challenge of underground water within the community.

Kindly note that our pest control service provider is certified by the Dubai Municipality and that the material used for this procedure is DM-certified.  The timing selected for the treatment also follows the standard set by Dubai Municipality.

As per the advice by the Dubai Municipality, residents and their families are advised to stay inside with doors and windows closed during the procedure.  Pets should also be kept inside if possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

For any enquiries or feedback, please contact us directly at

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.


 Jumeirah Village Triangle Community

Nakheel Asset Management and Infrastructure

New signs in JVT in the news!

Pretty incredible, but yes, our new signage has made the local news.

A sample of the new house numbers in JVT.

A sample of the new house numbers in JVT.

Read today’s Gulf News article in which one of our neighbors is anonymously quoted as wondering why Nakheel has changed the villa numbers without informing us. That is a very good question indeed and has spurred me to email our Nakheel Community Officer for an explanation.

It is true that the recently affixed numbers reflect the original plot numbering system. New numbers were designated for our villas upon handover and it is unclear why a decision was taken to revert to the old numbering system.

I will certainly share the reasons when I hear more from Nakheel.

In the meantime, I suppose change keeps us on our toes 🙂