Have you seen the signs?

With ‘Makani’ and the new street signs just announced this week, JVT residents fear no more! Being lost in JVT will soon be a thing of the past. No more waiting hours for your food delivery. Visiting friends should find you without circling hours around the neighborhood!

Have you seen these? The promise that it will be possible to navigate around JVT with ease…


Coming soon to a villa near you!

Nakheel has even designed a new community map. It’s color-coded by district. With three shades of blue and two shades of green, it is not clear that the color system will help much, but at least every villa and townhouse will display the district number. You’ll note that each house now has an alpha-numeric code.

Overall, this represents a clear improvement. Looking forward to seeing if there will be any other directional or way finding signs in the future. Personally, I don’t care for the road-side advertising that recently sprung up along Tulip Street and wonder if the fees will at least be re-invested in community  development projects. Let’s ask Nakheel.

Jumeirah Village Triangle Color-Coded Map 2016


Stay inside during Pest Control fogging on Monday and Tuesday in JVT

Nakheel has informed residents of the following:

Fogging treatment in the external areas of Jumeirah Village Triangle will be catried out on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November 2015.  The fogging will begin at 4.30 am on both days, and will last around two hours.

Kindly note that our pest control service provider is certified by the Dubai Municipality and that the material used for this procedure is DM-certified.  The timing selected for the treatment also follows the standard set by Dubai Municipality.

As per the advice by the Dubai Municipality, residents and their families are advised to stay inside with doors and windows closed during the procedure.  Pets should also be kept inside if possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

For any enquiries or feedback, please contact us directly at JVT.community@nakheel.com

Get Your Gate Pass!

UPDATE (17 Dec 2015): For all residents, you can scan and send the application and supporting documents to jvt.community@nakheel.com


We would like to clarify that the security gate barriers at Jumeirah Village Triangle are still going through a testing and commissioning process, and are therefore not currently operational.  Any changes to the access system will be officially communicated to residents by our Community Management team.

In addition, kindly note that we are still in process of collecting and receiving applications for access cards. We therefore request your cooperation in submitting your application as soon as possible, to avoid any inconvenience once the gate control access is made operational.  As a reminder, a copy of the application form is attached.

Residents will be notified once their access cards are ready for collection.

For any inquiry, please contact our customer care centre at 04-3903333 or email us at JVT.Community@nakheel.com

Thank you for your understanding.

Access Card Form



Jumeirah Village Triangle Community

Nakheel Asset Management and Infrastructure

Update from Nakheel on JVT Community Improvements

Nahkeel has circulate the below message to JVT owners yesterday. Let’s see….


17 November, 2014

Dear Resident,

Following the recent communications with the Community and to keep you posted about our Community Services, please find below the following updates:





1 Way-finding signage 6 months from Date
2 Security Gatehouses It is currently on hold with RTA. Once approved, they should be operational within 6-8 weeks.
3 Landscaping rectifications 2-3 months
4 Road Link between Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Park: End of November/Beginning of December 2014.
5 Performance of Security Service Provider We are planning to replace Al-Jaber.
6 Street lighting in District-1 and Park DEWA to energize in 2 months
7 Groundwater Pond We are engaging a consultant to analyse the Groundwater status in the whole Community and design solutions for the long term.

New Community Centre at Jumeirah Park


It’s too bad that Nakheel has decided to close the access road to Jumeirah Park just as they announce the opening of the new shopping center in the neighborhood next door. I had a look around yesterday and as they said, only a few outlets are open for now. However, it’s quite big and, in time, will have alot more shops than Town Centre just nearby. Goodbye long lines and traffic at Spinneys  when we say hello to Geant Express !

For now, you can get a coffee at two places, get your hair cut at the women’s or men’s salon or buy a video game at Geekay…






Have you stopped in yet? Let us know.
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Full list of retailers to come: 

Bakarat Optical, Beyond The Beach, Better Homes, Bin Sana Pharmacy, Brooklyn Melodies, Champion Cleaners, Early Learning Centre, Geant, Geekay Games, Hair Station, Holland & Barrett, Medicentre, NBar nail salon, Peony Flowers, Photo Magic, Sasha Salon, Shima Beauty Lounge and The Childrens’ Place.

Cafes and restaurants will be Burger Fuel, Café de Roma, Chez Amy’s, French Bakery, Gloria Jeans, Louis Café, Menchies, Pizzaro, Subway and Tim Horton’s.


JVT- JP Access Gate 5 Temporary Closure

In case you haven’t heard, road problems ahead…. See below message from Nakheel to homeowners about upcoming Road Closure:

In an effort to improve the Community’s infrastructure, please be informed that the works to construct the permanent road link between Jumeirah Village Triangle and Jumeirah Park Access will start very soon. Therefore, the current road will be temporarily closed from the 16th of August, 2014 for an estimated period of 3-4 months.

Won’t make it easy for us to get to their new shopping centre !

Pesky insects bothering you?

If you’re having issues with flying insects, you’ll be glad to see this news below from Nakheel. Funny that they finally remark the poor landscaping. Let’s hope the poor blokes are taught how to garden or that Nakheel hires a new landscaping firm ! They don’t even seem to know that you must pull weeds out by the root lest they just continue to return and return and return…. Incredible, update to this story. As soon as I posted, I have noted another email from Nakheel announcing that a new maintenance and landscaping company has been appointed: Opal Landscaping. Can’t wait to see the improvements as of the 1st of June !

Notification to residents from Nakheel:

This is in regards to the complaints received from residents regarding flying insects in the Community. Please note that we have inspected different locations and confirmed that due to the poor trimming and maintaining the plantation around the Community, flying insects increased in big numbers.

We have instructed the Pest Control Service Provider to add treatment and control measures for this type of insects. Furthermore, we have instructed the current Landscaping Maintenance Service Provider to do the needful immediately. We are following up on that.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and disturbance caused.


Should you wish to discuss the matter further, kindly contact the Nakheel Call Center on 04 390 3333 orJVT.Community@nakheel.com.

Please note this blog is run by a concerned resident to keep the community informed. We are not Nakheel!