Share a Smile with Security today!

Share a smile with the JVT security team! It’s International Day of Happiness today!

I stopped at Gate 1 to snap this picture and realized how much traffic, sand and noise our guards have to deal with on a daily basis. Still, they are usually at the ready with a friendly wave, despite the heat and the long days.


Share a smile today!

On this day to remember what we are grateful for, the JVT blog is happy to give a shout out for our security staff and ask residents to offer a smile back today on International #happiness Day and why not all year round?

Book Fair today and tomorrow in JVT

If you love reading, this is for you.

In preparation for World Book Day, the Arcadia Preparatory School is holding a book fair on Tuesday February 28 and Wednesday March 1.

All JVT residents are welcome to visit from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

English and Arabic language books will be for sale at good prices direct from the distributor.

There will be books for all ages, including adults!

World Book Day is celebrated annually on 2nd March to encourage reading.

For the last twenty years, World Book Day has been going strong across the UK to share the joy and value of books and reading.

So, be sure to pop in to Arcadia school today or tomorrow and grab yourself a new book for the weekend!

Snoopy lives here in the Village and will care for your furry friends when in need!

JVT is synonymous with animal lovers. I believe we must live in the most pet-friendly community in Dubai. We only acquired our four-legged friend just over a year ago but I now find my daily walks are even more pleasant when I cross paths with chatty and happy dog owners.

Therefore, I was especially thrilled to find out that the owners of Snoopy Pets happen to live right in our own community. I came across them when I was out on a long jaunt around the Village and noticed their branded van in front of a villa. Having piqued my curiosity, I got in touch and found out that they are happy residents here too!

dsc_0107-2I am especially excited to introduce the rest of JVT to Jim and Lindsey. Having lived in Dubai for ten years now, they set up home in our community in 2015. Together, they own and operate Snoopy Pets down in Al Quoz. A hop, skip and jump from JVT, I think any of our pet-owning residents should look into boarding their loved ones at Snoopy’s warm and caring home! Plus, Jim and Lindsey are offering bona-fide JVT residents a nice discount on their services. Read more to find out!

If you make a visit of their kennel, you’ll find 13 full time staff members caring for your domestic pets. They can board your dogs and cats as well as offering a vacation spot for rabbits and tortoises. If you need help for a day or a week, Snoopy is happy to oblige. With their own vehicles, they also offer Pet Taxis to pick-up and return your animals. I’m sure that really helps out when hectic holiday packing sets in and one forgets to plan time to take Fido to the kennel!  Even better, for those routine vet visits, Snoopy will accompany your pet to the clinic and bring him or her back home, safe and sound.  At their facility, they also have skilled groomers to give your kitty or doggy a nice trim.

For those of us who may be thinking it’s time to move on from Dubai, keep Snoopy in mind to handle your pet relocation. They manage both import and export of your treasured pets anywhere in the world. A specialty of the husband and wife team, relocations can be made easy when you have an experienced crew to help out. I enjoyed chatting with Jim about all the logistics involved with the paperwork and airport transfer. When we head back to Europe, I’d surely be happy to rely on someone so reassuring. “Moving is stressful at the best of times. In the UAE, often families are moving at short notice and not always under the most appropriate of times or circumstances. We’ve got a one stop shop to assist families to move their fur babies with as little stress as possible,” Jim noted. Lindsey explained how they plan and find individual solutions for each situation which allows the family to concentrate on other areas. “There is nothing better than seeing the relief when people realize they don’t need to worry about their pet and then the joy on their faces when they are reunited following the relocation,” she commented. In all their relocation jobs, they told me their philosophy is ‘pet first’. They always focus on the best option for the pet, then they consider the owner’s expense and last on their mind is Snoopy’s profit.

With a ten year track record, Snoopy Pets has built up a great clientele. Lindsey clearly loved working there since she joined them in 2011 and when the owner decided to leave the UAE, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take over the business.  Jim agreed to give her a hand for three months on the business plan and strategy development and hasn’t looked back since. Having decided to take the plunge to become business owners in 2013, they clearly believe in their formula and are passionate about their business.

When I asked them about one of the most memorable moments at work, it was the story of trying to catch 33 rescue cats that stood out. Arriving at the empty villa, they had to put them into correctly labelled, allocated and numbered travel boxes. With the only hiding spot being behind the oven, they didn’t expect much of a challenge. But it seems all the cats figured the oven was the best place to hide and they discovered that cats truly can run vertically and horizontally up walls! It seems all the shenanigans were watched by two dogs who sat in the middle of the floor, who did not move throughout the whole process until the last cat door was closed. At that point, they very calmly stood up, walked to their own boxes without being prompted and simply laid down in them. Thankfully, all cats and dogs arrived safe and well in their new home.

dsc_0114-2I couldn’t get them to let me in on life as a husband and wife team working together 24/7. Surely, this brings its own set of comedy sketches, but those are not for sharing I was told! But they did tell me they love living in JVT with the ability to enjoy plenty of outdoor walking with their own three dogs.

If you managed to read this piece to the end, you’ll be rewarded to learn that fellow Villagers will be offered considerable discounts if you quote the JVT blog and prove your residence!  Go meet Jim and Lindsey today for all your pet care needs and enjoy:

  • 25% off all Boarding
  • 25% off all Grooming
  • 25% off all pet taxi’s

Let us know if you spot Jim and Lindsey out for a stroll and be sure to thank them for their contribution to the pet care community in Dubai!


Find them here:

Snoopy Pets LLC, Warehouse 6, Umm Sequim Street, (Near Marina Home Interiors), Al Quoz 4, Dubai, UAE

GPS coordinates:            25.108106, 55.224925

Google maps link under Snoopy Pets Relocations

Big brands from Alshaya group to open in Al Khail Avenue Mall

In case you missed the news last week, Nakheel has announced a deal with Alshaya group to bring many big brand names to the Al Khail Avenue Mall right here in the Village!

Here’s what we can expect:

More than 75 per cent of shop space at Al Khail Avenue is now booked, with more deals in the pipeline. Dubai’s Landmark Group and Al Tayer Group are also confirmed, occupying almost 275,000 sq ft between them through brands such as Home Centre, Centrepoint, Reiss, Fun City, Gap, Banana Republic and Mamas & Papas.

Waitrose and Reel Cinemas are also signed up!

Al Khail Avenue, currently under construction along Dubai’s Al Khail Road on the eastern edge of Nakheel’s Jumeirah Village Triangle community, has 1.2 million sq ft of retail space containing 350 shops, a 14-screen cinema complex and a wide range of dining outlets. The mall, which will be attached to a 256-room DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, is set for completion in 2018.


*images courtesy of Alshaya group website.

Recycling arrives in JVT

It seems we have another reason to thank Nakheel these days.

Two recylcing areas have been set up in JVT. One is located at District 2, Gate 3 (Jumeirah Park exit).


The other can be found in District 9 on Tulip street on the edge of Park 4.


Unfortunately, there is no section for glass. It’s also somewhat surprising there is no bin inside the units so one can wonder how the waste management company will be collecting the recycled items. Anyhow, this is a wonderful start!

And, after many years of driving to Springs to dispose of my daily newspaper, aluminum cans and empty wine bottles, I’m not complaining!!

So neighbors, here’s to practicing good habits with the 5Rs (or 6 as I prefer) for sustainable living, in this order:

Refuse The most simple tactic, say no. Don’t buy or accept things you don’t need!

Reduce  Yes, indeed,this means consume less too!

Reuse  Take reusable bags to the store. Skip the disposal stuff and buy reusable items instead.

Repurpose Can you gift this item instead of trashing it? Would someone else be happy with your second-hand clothes?  Can you make it into something new?

Recycle Use the Nakheel bins for this 🙂

and finally, another way to save the planet is to recycle organic waste by composting. So, go ahead and

Rot! Have you read my article on the Bokashi? It’s perfect for turning our poor sand into fertile soil.

Start today!

You’ll note that recycling efforts, while important, are topped by other critical efforts we all should make.

Comment below about what you are doing to give our planet a fighting chance.

Cycle Track coming to JVT

Great news! We’ve learned that Nakheel is planning a new 13km cycle track in JVT. This will link up to the city-wide cycling circuit. We already see many people cycling to school in the village. It will be fantastic to be able to enjoy the outdoors even more.


Nakheel is creating safe, scenic bike routes to encourage recreational cycling and promote health and wellbeing among families and individuals of all ages as part of its commitment to enhancing developments with new facilities and services. Dedicated paths are needed to allow new and experienced cyclists to ride safely, without having to use main roads. The cycle track network will make cycling more accessible and inspire people to get pedalling to keep fit, socialise and help the environment.  For example, people will be able to cycle to the shops, school and friends’ houses without using the car.

The plan also includes a 10 km ‘super loop’, for more experienced riders which can be seen on the below map.


Read more about the plans in Gulf News.

*story updated with map on 5 Feb 2017

Secondary school student brings speedcubing rage to JVT

Francisco Hamlin, a Year 12 student at Sunmarke school, was the brains behind the recent Emirates Open Speedcubing competition hosted by the World Cube Association. Not only did he instigate and organize the day long event, he was an avid competitor himself.

Our local restaurants, Noa’s Delices and Forni, were on hand to keep everyone’s thirst quenched and bellies full as they went through both lunch and dinner in the school gymnasium. The winners out of 102 registered participants were crowned late in the day on Saturday, 14th January.

The winners of the each category were:

  • 3x3x3: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall score – 9.4 secs
  • 2x2x2: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall Score – 2.26
  • 4x4x4: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall Score – 8.79
  • 5x5x5: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall Score – 8.79
  • 3x3x3 One-handed: Fransisco Hamlin (Sunmarke School) Best Overall Score – 13.15
  • 3x3x3 Blind-folded:Mayur Ukey Best (Dubai based School) Overall Score – 02.32.2

The action-packed day was concluded with an awards ceremony where all participants received an official certificate from the Emirates Open 2017 sponsors.

Have a look at some pictures I took on the day:

Check out all the amazing videos on the Sunmarke school’s Facebook page. Here is one that demonstrates all the skill and dexterity needed to become a master at speedcubing.

A new treat in JVT: Noa’s Delices

A young couple living in JVT is soon bringing us a new culinary treat, Noa’s Delices!

Their business, Earnest Enterprises LLC, is behind this new venture. And earnest they are. This hardworking pair brings the neighborhood another family business which is sure to tantalize our taste buds. Part of the JVT community since a little more than one year, we are delighted that Stephane and Sunita chose to open their lovely little café restaurant right at home.


I was lucky to recently meet the co-owner, Stephane, as he was sitting silently at an empty table in the quiet restaurant striving to get everything in place for the opening. I took the opportunity to pop in and then got to speak to the couple about how they got started. They began planning this project back in May, 2015 and feel it has been a marathon run ever since. With many hurdles, big and small, to overcome, they are rightly proud to have come nearly to the end of their race. “The experience has been priceless and worth any hardship we encountered along the way,” Stephane told me. I’m particularly excited to give the JVT community a sneak peak at what we can expect to find at our newest dining experience opening soon.


Noa’s Délices is aptly named after the couple’s first miracle, daughter Noa. Their little princess inspired them to develop this food and drink outlet incorporating all of the Delights of a genuine, home-feel french café with traditional viennoiserie, patisserie and time-honored dishes. As ultimate foodies, they are clearly driven to develop an authentic dine-in concept offering traditional meals at an affordable price to delight their customers and build a loyal base of regulars. “We believe in being honest and bringing honest food to a table,” said Sunita.

I was especially thrilled to learn that JVTers will get a special treat with at-home delivery of Noa’s French Breakfast Basket. Brought directly to your doorstep, the basket will include real French pastries, breads, jams and butter.  I hope to be the first to put in my order for a fresh, daily ficelle! Anyone who has travelled to Paris will certainly agree with me that an early morning thin ficelle spread with delicious dairy butter cannot be beat.


Passionate about their craft, the couple explained how they were often disappointed with a lot of French food outlets around Dubai which turned out to be either less than authentic or highly overpriced. They also found that JVT was lacking an establishment where families, office employees or neighborhood school staff could congregate to enjoy a good meal or light snack without having to take the car outside the community. These two points were central to convincing the couple to open their doors at the Imperial Residence Building next to Limitless. When I asked them why they chose JVT as their home, it was the variety of cultures and, above all, the tranquility which makes for peaceful and relaxing surroundings which won them over.

I found their enthusiasm for Noa’s Delices both charming and infectious. It surely made me want all the best for them. Not only do Sunita and Stephane intend to make us happy in JVT, they also plan to give back. They explained to me how they wish to contribute to humanitarian work from future profits they generate. “We are so passionate about our business because we believe in being real and in doing good,” Sunita explained. Since getting married in 2012, they have been working on setting up a business and dreaming about making their mark on the world. Let’s wish them lots of luck and help them achieve their dreams each time we dine at Noa’s Delights!

Opening any day now… See you there!

Location: Imperial Residence (across from Milestone)
Tel: 04 421 5180