Recycling arrives in JVT

It seems we have another reason to thank Nakheel these days.

Two recylcing areas have been set up in JVT. One is located at District 2, Gate 3 (Jumeirah Park exit).


The other can be found in District 9 on Tulip street on the edge of Park 4.


Unfortunately, there is no section for glass. It’s also somewhat surprising there is no bin inside the units so one can wonder how the waste management company will be collecting the recycled items. Anyhow, this is a wonderful start!

And, after many years of driving to Springs to dispose of my daily newspaper, aluminum cans and empty wine bottles, I’m not complaining!!

So neighbors, here’s to practicing good habits with the 5Rs (or 6 as I prefer) for sustainable living, in this order:

Refuse The most simple tactic, say no. Don’t buy or accept things you don’t need!

Reduce  Yes, indeed,this means consume less too!

Reuse  Take reusable bags to the store. Skip the disposal stuff and buy reusable items instead.

Repurpose Can you gift this item instead of trashing it? Would someone else be happy with your second-hand clothes?  Can you make it into something new?

Recycle Use the Nakheel bins for this 🙂

and finally, another way to save the planet is to recycle organic waste by composting. So, go ahead and

Rot! Have you read my article on the Bokashi? It’s perfect for turning our poor sand into fertile soil.

Start today!

You’ll note that recycling efforts, while important, are topped by other critical efforts we all should make.

Comment below about what you are doing to give our planet a fighting chance.


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