Cycle Track coming to JVT

Great news! We’ve learned that Nakheel is planning a new 13km cycle track in JVT. This will link up to the city-wide cycling circuit. We already see many people cycling to school in the village. It will be fantastic to be able to enjoy the outdoors even more.


Nakheel is creating safe, scenic bike routes to encourage recreational cycling and promote health and wellbeing among families and individuals of all ages as part of its commitment to enhancing developments with new facilities and services. Dedicated paths are needed to allow new and experienced cyclists to ride safely, without having to use main roads. The cycle track network will make cycling more accessible and inspire people to get pedalling to keep fit, socialise and help the environment.  For example, people will be able to cycle to the shops, school and friends’ houses without using the car.

The plan also includes a 10 km ‘super loop’, for more experienced riders which can be seen on the below map.


Read more about the plans in Gulf News.

*story updated with map on 5 Feb 2017


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