Get all the kids in school from nursery through secondary without leaving JVT !

The Sunmarke school recently held an Open Day at Milestone in JVT. I stopped by to get you the full story on one of two new schools set to open within the JVT neighborhood. Starting in September 2016, Sunmarke will provide quality primary and secondary education as well as a nursery school catering to the youngest infants. There is even an option to avail of the afternoon nursery program hours for non-working Moms that just need a bit of a break!

The school will accommodate up to 3,000 learners at total capacity. In the opening year, we can expect 1,000 pupils as the school plans to gradually expand the staff and classrooms. Secondary school students from their sister school, Regent International, will be moving in for this coming Fall semester. With a long-standing experience in this region, the parent company Fortes Education certainly can ensure that this facility will integrate well with the community and provide outstanding learning experiences.

For example, we all know that traffic woes are a common sight in front of most Dubai schools. I’ve been assured that Sunmarke has taken this on board in the planning process and will have a multi-storey car park to avoid the usual traffic tailbacks at drop off and pick up times.

With a 600 seat auditorium, 2 swimming pools, football pitch and a multi-purpose auditorium, the community can also expect to benefit from these superb facilities. I am told that many after-school activities will be scheduled with external organizers that will welcome children from the neighborhood as well. Hopefully, this can also provide a great space for community clubs to meet or sports groups to practice.

For those enrolling their children, it can be expected that your children will greatly benefit from the human values program and the multi-smart learning platform which incorporates the arts, music, drama, dance, self-development, logic, language and people skills with all the core subjects. Importantly for parents, the school is offering a significant Founder’s discount on the first three years for those enrolling in the opening year. Get more information on their website:

We look forward to a fruitful relationship between Sunmarke and the community for mutual enrichment.


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