Have you seen the signs?

With ‘Makani’ and the new street signs just announced this week, JVT residents fear no more! Being lost in JVT will soon be a thing of the past. No more waiting hours for your food delivery. Visiting friends should find you without circling hours around the neighborhood!

Have you seen these? The promise that it will be possible to navigate around JVT with ease…


Coming soon to a villa near you!

Nakheel has even designed a new community map. It’s color-coded by district. With three shades of blue and two shades of green, it is not clear that the color system will help much, but at least every villa and townhouse will display the district number. You’ll note that each house now has an alpha-numeric code.

Overall, this represents a clear improvement. Looking forward to seeing if there will be any other directional or way finding signs in the future. Personally, I don’t care for the road-side advertising that recently sprung up along Tulip Street and wonder if the fees will at least be re-invested in community  development projects. Let’s ask Nakheel.

Jumeirah Village Triangle Color-Coded Map 2016


3 thoughts on “Have you seen the signs?

  1. Had wondered if the number was the original plot numbering – having a P.O. Box not much is attached to our street address fortunately however some key documents such as rental and service agreements are now not accurate!


  2. Hi, does anyone know if the new sign and the previous villa number should match? Using the photo as an example – was this villa #32 previously? The number where we are has changed from 35 to 4…


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