New Apartments in JVT to let later this month

Soon, new residents to JVT will have more apartment options to choose from. There are a number of new low-rise buildings set to be completed in the coming months. I have been sleuthing a bit to give current residents and prospective new  Villagers an idea of what will be on the market soon.


The first building I can tell you about is the five-storey Noor Apartments on Street D19 in District 2. I recently met the owner, his wife and their team on site as the building nears completion.

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By end October, they expect to be offering 107 apartments for rent at prices ranging from 40,000 AED for a studio to 150,000 AED for a 2 bedroom 153 square meter apartment. There will be basement parking, 24-hour security guard and a rooftop garden and kids’ play area. The ground floor will offer a large retail space of 228 square meters for which we hope there will be an exciting new shop.


Rental available direct from the owner by calling 050 952 8861 or 04 360 7238.


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