Praise for the Teacher on World Teachers’ Day

Today is the day to shower your children’s teachers with love and praise as they offer the same to your kids day after day! UNESCO proclaimed 5 October to be World Teachers’ Day in 1994.

To honor teachers, I reached out to the schools in JVT to find out what’s been going on in their classrooms since the start of the year. I chose to share the story of Miss O’Neill, Year One Teacher, at The Arcadia Prepatory School.

My wonderful pupils are bags of energy and enthusiasm – keen to explore every aspect of their learning in the most creative of ways. I have therefore adopted a very kinesthetic approach to my teaching and I have noticed the excellent progress each child has made through this multi-sensory approach, says Miss O’Neill.

frogline-arcadiaIn maths, her little ones are getting to grips with numbers and have recently started to explore the concept of adding and subtracting along a number line. Her children adore guiding ‘Fred The Frog’ along their number lines to embed this method.

To celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and to promote their use of interesting adjectives, Miss O’Neill  held a ‘Gruesome Feast’ in honour of The Twits (an activity the children dived into through touch, taste and a bit of imagination…). For this, they made dream jars, like those featured in The BFG (Big Friendly Giant). I think they turned out great !


It was amazing to hear the range of descriptive language that was unlocked in the children through a more exciting approach to learning!, said Miss O’Neill.

Thanks to teachers like Miss O’Neill all across Dubai and around the world, children today are being inspired to reach high, be creative and make full use of their potential. Goodness knows our world needs it.

Hats off to my favorite teacher Miss Grappi, now retired, and to my treasured sister-in-law, Miss Conrad, who is taking a break from teaching to recover from illness after dedicating a lifetime to making others smart.

Be sure to thank a teacher today !



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