Interview with Executive from Arcadia Prep School, coming soon to JVT

As the JVT Blogger, I wanted to find out more about the new Arcadia Preparatory School set to open in September 2016. I’m sure that many parents of young children are very curious to know their plans. I caught up recently with Kephren Sherry, Head of Infants and part of the Executive team setting up the school. Here is what I learned.

2015-11-04 14.19.14

The school will be offering the English National Curriculum and caters for pupils from 3-11 years in age. In the first year, the school will open with Foundation Stage 1 through Year 4 building up to a number of four classes in each year. They will add Year 5 and 6 classes progressively and I noted on their website that Arcadia is planning a secondary school by September 2019 (subject to KHDA approval). It’s expected that this will be located in close proximity to the primary school.

Kephren tells me that the school will offer top class learning facilities including state of the art ICT facilities, purpose built rooms for specialism teachers and unique programmes such as English as an Additional Language classes. They are currently recruiting highly qualified staff in teaching roles and are promising a student classroom size of 25 learners with the overall school pupil/teacher ration being set for around 1:10. Purpose built staff accommodation is also planned near the school, which will mean that teachers can live within the community and be an active part of everyday life. “Our intention really is to create a community school in the heart of JVT,” Kephren says. “Teachers will also feel the benefits of having such a short distance to travel to school!”

Work in progress

Work in progress

When I asked how the school intends to manage the drop-off and pick-up traffic around the area, I learned that plans are being discussed to minimise the impact on neighbours and to keep the children safe from passing cars at these critical times.

Their website already contains a wealth of information about class timings, uniform requirements, admissions process and importantly fees! Visit:

The school will be planning a community event later this month. We’ll be sure to inform you when we learn the date and venue.

Getting ready for September opening!

Getting ready for September opening!


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